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Since our business began in 2006, we have strived daily to utilize strategies and concepts that allow our clients to move closer to the lives they envision for themselves and their families. We understand that change is inevitable; in life, business, and finances. Preparing for and making small pivots to deal with those changes determines a person’s lifestyle after the storms of life have passed and we are passionate about our clients’ preparation.

The experience of the people described in this material may not be representative of the experiences of other clients. Experiences obtained by these people are not indicative of the future experiences that may be obtained by my clients.

Our Focus

PIVOT provides financial strategies, estate planning, and business exit planning strategies for successful, hardworking and goal oriented individuals and families, in many life stages, allowing you to stay focused on what you do best, while we stay diligent to help insure your goals and objectives take shape.





Our Process

PIVOT uses a Client Centered, Personal, Evolving and Educational process to help transform elusive goals into financial freedom, peace of mind and security, so you can live your best life today and tomorrow, and leave the legacy you desire.

Client Centered

Our practice utilizes a client centered process to provide financial strategies, estate planning and business exit solutions that fit your unique situation. From the start, we work with you to help determine how the process will be managed, assembling the team of professionals if necessary, orchestrating the initial meeting, agreeing on the overall direction of the plan, determining insurability, evaluating various alternatives, and implementing agreed upon recommendations. We are flexible in our engagement, working to fit your schedule, and can work via teleconference methods if necessary.


Preparing finances for your future is an ever-changing process. Sure, we could meet one time and provide you a product --- but that is not what we do. You may have a financial professional. You may have investments. You may have a life insurance policy. But what do you have, and how is it going to help you achieve your goals? At PIVOT Income Strategies, we understand that and know that everyone’s goals and situations are different. Our educational, client centered process will help you to ensure you make the best possible decisions as your life evolves.


We are dedicated to getting to know you, and your whole family, so we can help meet your needs, now and in the future. We will help you work through emotions, which may cloud your decisions, listen and provide reasonable counsel. We will guide you, with clarity and transparency, every step of the way in your wealth building process, and will not shy away from hard conversations when needed. Though the process may be difficult, you reaching your goals is a great reward for all of us.


We are here to educate you and translate difficult to understand financial concepts into real life solutions. We will put forth our best effort, time and energy to break down complex financial matters, attending to your future finances so you can focus on your family in the here and now.

The experience of the people described in this material may not be representative of the experiences of other clients. Experiences obtained by these people are not indicative of the future experiences that may be obtained by my clients.

Our Team

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Rebecca A. Gorrell


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About Rebecca Gorrell

Since 2006, Rebecca has worked with her clients to put in place strategies and concepts that allow them to move closer to the life they want to have for themselves and for their families. She knows that change is inevitable; in life, business and in finances. Preparing for and then dealing with those changes determines a person’s lifestyle after the storm has passed and Rebecca is passionate about her clients’ preparation.

Growing up in the country on 18 acres in Central Kansas provided her with unique experiences that have helped shape who she has become. Her father, a small business owner taught hard work, commitment and instilled a ‘do anything’ attitude. She is thankful for being taught these values as each of these qualities is vital to the work that she does today. She now places a high level of commitment upon moving her clients from a financial position of good to better and best. Because she is familiar with what it takes to start, run and make a living from a small business, a high percentage of her client base is comprised of small business owners. Helping them through the lifecycle of business is critical for their success towards retirement.

Rebecca has qualified as a member of The Million Dollar Round Table® (www.MDRT.org)1, in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016. She has served on the board of directors for NAIFA, National Association Insurance & Financial Advisors since 2007, she made her way through the chairs serving in all three executive positions, most recently as President in 2013. She currently holds the National Committeeperson seat for the Johnson County-Wyandotte County chapter (www.NAIFA.org). In 2012 she was asked by New York Life to join a group of 125 peers selected to be the Political Involvement Leader for their respective firms. Serving as the Kansas City PIL she meets with both the Missouri and Kansas senatorial and congressional representatives locally and in D.C. throughout the year advocating on behalf of her clients regarding issues and concerns that will impact their financial future. In 2013 she was asked by the AARP to become one of 5 local Authorized to Offer agents for the New York Life branded AARP life, annuity and long term care products available to all AARP members. Supporting those that have a vision and a dream has always been something that she has believed in and so she currently gives her time and resources to ReVolve, a homegrown 501c3 focusing their efforts towards Kansas City's green impact/urban core zone and the rewards of a healthy lifestyle through cycling (www.revolvekc.org).

As you get to know Rebecca, you will learn her passion runs deep not only in her work but in her hobbies & interests as well. To keep her brain occupied, you will find her free time filled with cooking, practicing her golf game, and taking her two dogs, Tucker, a black lab-boxer, and Zoni, an adopted Puerto Rican fox terrier-lab, to the dog park to keep them from tearing up the house or upsetting the neighbors. She loves cooking and learning about anything with wheels and a motor, from cars to motorcycles to airplanes. And while attending the University of Kansas she played for the women's rugby team which may hold the answers to her questionable development.

Marking it off the list of "things to do" is what Rebecca does for her clients:
  • Retirement Planning
  • Business Succession / Exit Planning
  • Estate Equalization and Trust Funding
  • Family Income and Asset Protection Planning
  • Extended Health Care Planning Strategies
  • Life Insurance & Leverage Concepts
  • Social Security Planning
  • Corporate Financial Education for Small & Mid-Size Companies
  • Group Employee and Employer Benefits
  • 401k, SIMPLE,SEP, 403b placement and management

1The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, is recognized globally as the standard of excellence for life insurance sales performance in the insurance and financial services industry.